Women with Purpose enjoying ice creamWomen with Purpose was founded in June, 2014 to meet a unique need in the Triangle.  After the Lord gave the founder, Alison Ingersoll, a vision for the ministry, she did research to see what other ministries were available for women in the area.  She found ministries focused on women’s devotional lives, ministries for mothers, and Christian businesswomen networking groups. But she found nothing like her vision for a ministry to women in the marketplace that provided Bible study, discipleship, and other venues to help them live out their purpose in Christ.  This led her to step out in faith to pursue her vision and create Women with Purpose.

women with purpose internationalWomen with Purpose is a ministry of With Purpose International.


Helping women in the workforce know, understand, and experience their purpose in Christ.


To see a movement of women who work in the Triangle living with purpose and walking with Christ in such a way that they eternally impact the lives of others at their work, in their neighborhood, in our city and region, and in the world.


Our core values shape our decisions and will be reflected in our ministry as we carry out the mission of Women With Purpose.

  • Depth – Challenging women to go deeper in their walk with Christ through studying His word and taking steps of faith.
  • Discipleship – Reproducing leaders in order to reach as many women as possible.
  • Development – Providing training, teaching, and ministry opportunities to give women confidence in living with purpose.
  • Dependence – Leading in the power of the Holy Spirit as we rely on Christ in everything that we do.