The ministry of Women with Purpose exists only through the faithful and generous donations of individuals like you.  These tax-deductible gifts provide not only for all of the ministry’s expenses but also for the director’s salary and benefits.  Donations may be made by electronic fund transfer or credit card.

Women with Purpose has partnered with a ministry called Global Service Network (GSN) in order to receive donations in a way that provides both a tax-deduction to the donors and financial accountability to the ministry.

GSN was founded in 2007 with the mission of “Empowering Servants of Christ to take the Gospel to the World”.  They partner with like-minded servants of Christ within campus ministries, churches, cross-cultural missionaries, Christian professionals, seminaries, and short-term mission teams to provide freedom from the distraction of administration duties, accountability in order to maximize Biblical stewardship of resources, and effective communication with ministry partners.  To learn more about their ministry, click here.