Spiritual Growth

Chronological Yearly Bible Reading Plan. I highly recommend chronological plans to read through the Bible. I find that when you read the Bible in its historical order (instead of from front to back), things make a lot more sense. Plus you are able to see the thread of redemption that runs through all of Scripture. This is one I have been using this year from Back to the Bible.


Scripture Memory System. This is so “old school” and basic. But it works!! Really, the key to scripture memory is repetition, and this is a way to make sure you are doing that. Personally, I write out the verses on a 3×5 card. Then I read them out loud until I can do it from memory once. Then I make a mark in the first box. The next day I read it again until I can do it from memory, and then I make a mark in the second box. By the third or fourth day, I usually have it down and can say it from memory. After that, it is just a matter of practicing it daily (or close to it) for seven weeks and then weekly for seven months. I add one verse or set of verses each week until I have seven that I practice each day (your check marks will look like stair steps).